2017 January   
Chinese Lunar New Year Lottery
新年快樂 恭喜發財 紅包拿來!!!!!!
Rising Sun 要發紅包啦!!
凡是過年期間(初一到初五) Risng Sun的住客將有紅包抽抽樂的活動.
人人有紅包 大家過好年.
**此活動針對過年期間Rising Sun的住客,

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2016 October 10
日出雙人瑜伽 Sun Rise Acro Yoga


Partner up with a new or old friend to enjoy this fun physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.
Provides physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of AcroYoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief.
限額20名 NT$300/ per person
20 persons maximum
匯款後再填報名表, 2人請填寫兩次, 以此類推
Please register after send the fee here:
「大手小手來淨灘、守護頭城好風光」聯合淨灘活動 / Beach Clean Up
Working to conserve Taiwan’s beautiful coastline...coming soon to a beach near you
Beach Clean Time:
When: 2016/10/05 Wed. AM8:00-11:00
Place: 頭城鎮港口社區活動中心 (烏石港入口) The entrance of Wushi Harbor
非常感謝頭城鎮公所邀請Rising Sun Surf Inn參加年度淨灘宣導活動.
Big thanks to Toucheung Government for inviting Rising Sun Surf Inn to share the experince of the beach clean up.

We also invited North East coastal Gov. 「Clean up our hometown」to join.

謝謝我們公益的好朋友 Love Your Coast Taiwan, Vast life Taiwan, Purple Passion又再度贊助這次淨灘活動.
Special thanks our good friends - Love Your Coast Taiwan, Vast life Taiwan and Purple Passion for sponsoring again. 

當天很多頭城的義工阿公阿嬤會來參與, 大家一起來幫忙阿公阿嬤抬重物!
There will be many grandpa and ma joining the beach up, let's come to help the grandparents for carring heavy trash!
We had a meeting with Toucheung government for the beach clean up.
RS與巴西在台藝人 費丹尼 - Danny 將會負責垃圾教育宣導和輔助全程活動
RS and Tordan from Brazil will charge the trash education and help the event.

感謝 Love Your Coast Taiwan VAST Life Taiwan Purple Passion 的支持和提供小點, 帽子及飲品
Thanks Love Your coast for supporting.
Thanks to Vast Life Taiwan for sponsoring the snacks and hats .
Thanks to Purple Passion for sponsoring Acai drinks.
讓淨灘更快樂 讓海洋回到她原始的美麗
The Ocean is more beautiful because of the power from everyone.
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